Thursday, February 28, 2008

Who's on First

Me: You're so smart, Abby! Say, "I'm totally brilliant."

Abby: No, I'm brilliant.

Me: Yeah, I know. Say, "I'm totally brilliant."

Abby: You're totally brilliant.

Me: No, not me, you.

Abby: You're totally brilliant.

Me: No, okay say, "I'm totally brilliant."

Abby: Who's brilliant?

And there you have it ladies and gentlemen.


Lauren said...

that post is brilliant.

cadelman said...

that is priceless! hahaha!

debbie brown said...

I'm totall brilliant. No, YOU'RE totally brilliant. Yeah, that's it (well, MAYBE a smidgen of your brilliantness came from me. Maybe?) ;0)

Claire said...

hahahhahaha aahahahhaha ahhhhaaa

that is amazing! I wish i could meet this little pipsqueek one of these days!