Friday, February 8, 2008

An Ode to Downtown Portland

Today's the reason I love Portland.

I was driving downtown (coffee in my hand, Abby in my back seat, and therefore High School Musical 2 blasting) and there was a stream of protesters with signs, "Scientology is a Scam!"

Regardless if you agree with the statement or not, I love Portland for inhabiting so many people who feel free to protest in the streets- usually on Fridays (awesome way to end the week.)

Granted, if the signs said, "Bush is the Messiah" I probably would not have honked and smiled. Instead I'm sure I'd have an aneurism and cause an accident, but who cares- freedom to say and feel whatever you please.


Claire said...

I LOVE IT! I love portland! check out my "my city through other eyes" for really awesome pictures, new ones every day or portland, and right now they're doing a whole downtown pdx series! awesome!
yay protests! we still need to find one to do!

Claire said...

the link is on my blog on my sidebar thingy, just fyi