Tuesday, February 5, 2008


While at the gym this afternoon, busting my ass on the elliptical, I decided to take the plunge and change one of the TV channels. I usually don't because I always feel like they are all being watched, but it was pretty empty, so I changed one to CNN. It's Super Tuesday- it should have been on anyway!
One of the political analysts said something I want to share.
"The thing with democrats is that if they're passionate Hillary supporters they'll be okay with Barack winning. If they are huge Barack supporters they'll be fine will Hillary winning. But, for Republicans if McCain doesn't win, they'll die."

I just loved the way they phrased that and the blitness of the last bit. Thank you, CNN for making my smile while burning calories.

Also, found this website on the Wall of Resolutions at the gym:
Its mission is to highlight the healthiest foods of the word, provide nutritional info, recipes, etc.
Check it out for a healthy motivational kick.

Happy Super Fat Tuesday.

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Claire said...

OMIGOSH thats a GREAT quote. Oh silly silly republicans. And snap snap for the love of my life....CNN!! And I checked out that website, its pretty neat! Who knew cauliflower had so much freaking fiber!