Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Pretty Big Deal

Some people- like a Democratic presidential hopeful, who is still in the race, and will remain nameless, are discrediting the power of the Florida primary; especially for Dems. because the Florida primary does not count.
By the way, thank you for changing the date of your primary from Super Tuesday, Florida, as to piss people off and discount those delegates!
Anyway, some say that the Florida primary is insignificant because of Florida's desire to be different and change the date- apparently causing a ruckus in the 2000 election and leaving us with Bush for eight years didn't make you different enough.

Well, here's a thought. If the Florida primary is so insignificant, why did it spark TWO presidential hopefuls (one from each party) to drop out of the race?,8599,1707881,00.html?cnn=yes

Oh, and if that's not enough to make you see that Florida matters in some way, then I ask you to remember that Florida is a large state with repubs and dems that signify states around it. So yes, delegates may not count in Florida, but let's wait to see its impact on Super Tuesday.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Clay is no Justin

Clay Aiken said today that he is no Justin Timberlake.,,20174394,00.html
To help Clay make his point, below are 10 reasons Clay could never be Justin.
Since Claire and I just talked about how much we love JT, I thought this would be a perfect time to do a little comparison.
10. Justin did not need American Idol to make him famous.
9. We can all remember at least one of JT's album titles.
8. Barbara Walters finds him fascinating.
7. Girls from 1996 to now find him sexy.
6. His hair. I suppose there was the awful bleached period, but I'll over look that.
5. Justin got us through the torturous days of jr. high, multitudes of hs dances and those college parties that left a lot to be desired.
4. Clay couldn't get Britney- in her good days or her less than glamorous days.
3. We still sing N*Sync songs AND know all the lyrics.
2. His concerts are so good that we can't even afford tickets.
and the number one reason Clay is not Justin...
1. If Clay brought sexy back we'd have to call for back up

Please READ and ACT

Although this website is already on my sidebar- Links to my Life- I wanted to point special attention at it today.
My mom's photography blog just added a new feature. 
Each month you can go to her blog and VOTE on the photo of the month. She is really trying to get the word out there about it, as she wants a multitude of people to vote, so please vote and PLEASE pass this info on to your friends.
Who doesn't like looking at pictures and who doesn't like voting on things?
Come on, I know you read Post Secret every Sunday and take silly surveys online and maybe even vote on the "Which star wore the dress best?" polls on 
Yeah, that's right, I know you.
So please... check this out!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Plain ridiculousness

Here's something to make you question humans and realize that no matter what you do, you'll always have more class than these people.
It was said yesterday that Heath Ledger's family must keep his funeral private and under wraps because of protesters.
Yes, protesters. What are they protesting you ask?
No, not his sad death or even something silly, like the want for a public memorial.
Tons of conservative, religious groups feel it is necessary to protest Ledger's role in Brokeback Mountain. Indeed, these people still cannot get over the fact that Ledger starred as and rocked the role of a gay cowboy, so they want to protest his funeral.
I hate to fuel the continuos talk of Ledger's death, but shock took over me when I heard this and I felt it was something I should pass on to all who are more decent than the insensitive idiots who call themselves conservative and, oh yes, wonderful Christians. 

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Letter to a pessimist

You don't need to have all the answers. Remember the word mystery? Start liking it. It does nothing to worry about everything- literally everything. 
Here's what you can control...
Finances, weight, building strong relationships, developing faith, career, hobbies and your own happiness. (Do you see how many things that is???)
Here's what you cannot control...
The future, the state of the world, weather, actions of others, DEATH, the afterlife, the what ifs of everything or nothing that may or not occur when this- the here and now- is over. (I know those are some big things you have no power over). Deal with it. There is no amount of worrying that can answer these questions. Therefore, do you really think you get any amount of happiness by dwelling on it? Yes, I said dwelling. 
Would you like to see what your constant freaking out is doing?....
-Keeping you from controlling all the wonderful things you can control!
Pessimism never got anyone all the things they need. Granted, optimism what dispel al of your fears- and not just because you have too many of them, but maybe a little bit of it will bring you some clarity. 
After all, not only is your glass empty, it's shattered into a million bits all over your life and it's cutting apart everything you have going for you. 
I know your excuses, your reasons for obsessing over these things you can't control, but be realistic, (as I know you usually are when you're not worrying.) If the unknowns of life and after it were so bad don't you think you would have so sort of inclination about the black hole you keep envisioning?

Thursday, January 10, 2008

How the Light Gets In

To put it simply, this book rocks. 
If you're tired of scholars and snooty old men with convertibles and cigars, or whatever snooty old men drive and do, saying that modern literature is not nearly as developed as the classics, this book will prove those people wrong.
How the Light Gets In was written a few years ago by M.J. Hyland. It's about a teen from Australia who moves to a suburb in Chicago as a foreign exchange student with a typical American family. 
This book is a fascinating ride through the main character's adventure in America. It will make you evaluate several things...
-Teens in the 21st century- what the hell are we doing to them?
-"The good life"- life in the suburbs or middle class America
The main character/narrator reminds me a lot of Houlden from Catcher in the Rye. Hyland's narrator is female and is a little more modernized, but she still does and says the wackiest things that make you say, "who are you?" And the best part about a character like that is it makes you think about all the nonsense you say in your head aaaall day long, but unlike Houlden and Lou, no one writes 300 pages about YOUR brain. 
Lastly, one of my favorite qualities of this book, and so many others, is the title. I love, love, love, when the title is in the back of your mind the whole time you're reading a book because you're straining to figure out how it all connects, like in To Kill a Mockingbird.
Anyway, read it, it's good, lots of action and livin' on the edge kinda stuff. And if that's not enough, buy it for the cover (red lips of  a girl with a fat cigarette) and take it to a park and watch how many suburban moms cover their kids eyes and gawk at you for daring to show that foul book in public!