Thursday, February 7, 2008

2nd one of the day

I forgot to add these things when I did my last post.

Quotation of the day is from my mother. She wrote in an e-mail... "The mo is no mo'." (Referring to Romney, a Mormon, dropping out of the election.) Love it.

Lastly, a quick mention to someone who lost a loved one unexpectedly. No need for details, don't worry- no one you know, but I think as we begin to enter into Lent it's important to remember that we are always better off than we think.
As Fr. Bill said last night at mass, the weather during Lent- rain and darkness- is a symbol of our sins and pain. However, as the rain passes, so does our suffering.
So, as we worry about the small showers in our life, please remember that someone else is experiencing a downpour.


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