Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Yo Hablo Espanol

Yesterday I subbed in a Junior High Spanish class.
Here's the thing about subbing... When you see a sub job the night before you need one- you take it. That's it.
So in 2.5 seconds I thought in my head, "Junior High Spanish, hmmm... I can handle that, right? I know tons of nouns, some verbs and junior highers really don't know any foreign language when they're in foreign language."
It was great. I've been at this middle school many times before (subbing 7th grade math) so I felt comfortable.
In fact, I had a lot of students I've had before because they were 7th graders too.
My Spanish just kind of flooded back through me- I was throwing out sentences, commands and conversations like it ain't no thang.
In fact, a lot of kids kept saying, "Whoa, Ms. Brown you're our first sub who actually knows any Spanish" along with, "Jeez, Ms. Brown you know Spanish AND math?! Most of our subs don't know anything."
Gracias, estudiantes, gracias.
In fact, I felt confident enough to take a sub job a couple of weeks from now that is a week and a half long in another middle school Spanish class. I'm excited and hoping for the best.

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Lauren said...

YAY congratulations!!! It's always badass when you hear that you kick balls at something. Which is to say - you rock.