Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Feeling like a real teacher

Yesterday began my week long adventure as a junior high school Spanish sub.
So far so good...

Below are several comments I've heard (repeatedly) over the past two days. All of which have made me realize: I still have the teaching bug, I am on the wagon, ready to sail, I so want a classroom next year. However, I always take students' comments about their teachers with a grain of salt.

"Whoa, you're like way nicer then our teacher. Can you stay forever?"

"Hey, you don't yell. When our real teacher gets mad, a vein pops in her head. Seriously." (I've heard this story 10 times in two days.)

(After describing that I would stamp homework that was completed and homework that students did without copying off of other students. Thereby forcing me to not give a kid a stamp because I saw him copy it from another student.) "Man, she's cool and she doesn't take any crap."

"You speak better Spanish than our real teacher."

Student: "Have you seen Hot Rod? You can come over after school and watch it."
Me: "My mom says I'm not allowed to go home with strangers."


Lauren said...

more notable quotables!

Claire said...

I vote for another blog! Blog! Blog! Blog! Just imagine me chanting that with conviction! and maybe a protest sign or something!