Friday, February 1, 2008

February, Uncertainty and Lent

First off, thank God, Zeus, Buddha, Allah and every other religions god that January is FINALLY over. It is always the slowest month of the year, but I'm pretty sure this January was the slowest one of my LIFE. It deserves an acknowledgment in the Guinness Book of World Records. On to smaller and better months.

Next, Super Tuesday is quickly approaching- my absentee ballot must be sent in tomorrow- yikes. And I am more confused than ever. McCain or Romney? TOTALLY joking. Just wanted to make sure you were paying attention. I hope I didn't cause any heart attacks. I really feel that both democratic candidates are so qualified. Can't we just have two presidents???

Lastly, Ash Wednesday is, well, this Wednesday. So soon!! A tell tale sign that this month will speed by. After painful hours of deciding what to give up for Lent, which included me saying, "I could give up coffee, right?" (followed by "why don;t I just give up breathing") and "How can I give up bad food and chocolate when I already omitted it from my daily life?" and "this is SO the wrong time of year to give up CNN..." I decided:
I'm giving up the scale. Since I've been so diligent about losing the rest of my weight goal in the next 7 months, I've stood on the scale all the time: every day, at least once a day.
How ridiculous and so obsessive- story of my life. But, I need to give it a rest. I've been working out and eating right for so long that I know when I'm losing weight and when I'm not. AND if I give up the scale for forty days, I may noticed an even bigger loss.

Happy Friday!


Lauren said...

March has always been and always will be the most horribly long, dark, piece of shit month EVER. But it does make me feel a little bit better that everyone has their own crap month even if its not the same as mine. :) So yay your's is over!

Claire said...

I will try and make it to the gym around then! My phone is still not working! and I have to go to the cingular store after work since I had to get all this information from my dad and didnt go yesterday! Hopefully see you then!