Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What My Eyes Have Seen

I moved into my new place in SE Portland on Sunday (whoop!) Today I took the morning off of subbing to finish feeling settled and explore my new 'hood. Here are some things I saw today...

-2 coffee shops that don't have Splenda- I doubt I'll be frequenting them.
-A Thai restaurant called Thaimazing or something punny like that, haha. Despite the name I still want to try it.
-Obama's main campaign office only fifteen blocks from my house!
-3 coffee shops I want to try right this second.
-A funky "We are obviously liberal and we only sell products made in America" kitchen/book/housewares store.
-2 yoga studios in a 10 block radius
-Floods of cars and pedestrians with voting ballots in tow.
-Only two sketch-ish people
-Moms walking their little babes
-Two women- comparable in age to a grandma and granddaughter heading down the street to turn in their primary ballots.

And this was all pretty much just on Division St.- to think what I still have left to explore.


debbie brown said...

Well, at least I know I don't have to worry about you waiting at some weird bus stop where there have been stabbings! :) Personally, I think you're going to LOVE the neighborhood you are moving into in August! ;)

Claire said...

Love the Div! Can't wait for more exploring!

Lauren said...

YAY I'm glad you made it!! :) Wish I could be there too.