Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bumper Sticker Emotions

Portland is a breeding ground for bumper stickers.
My fellow lovely liberals ready to announce their causes to the world (everything from I hate Bush to Save the Polar Bears). My conservative counterparts hoping that someone else in Portland agrees with them about "those damn liberals" or the "rules" of true marriage. And some cars whose apparel show them as less political and just saying what they want like ""Keep Portland WEIRD" and "My skis are my other car".
Regardless, I find myself getting in some quality reading time when I'm traveling to and from Beaverton, Tualatin, SE and N Portland (yes, at $4 a gallon I spend way too much on gas.)
The funny thing- either about bumper stickers or myself- you decide- is their influence on me.
Scenario 1: Some car comes into my lane without a blinker- thanks a lot, dude. However, I look and see that they have a "support Teachers" bumper sticker. Still annoyed, I get over it because they either are a teacher or love one.
Scenario 2: A car wants to get in my lane and I have the chance to put on my brakes or speed up and wait to let it in. They have 5 bumper stickers ranging from "Evolution is a Lie" to "President Bush is my hero". Depending on how much traffic I'm in and how the day's gone so far, I might be too annoyed to let the car over.
Scenario 3: A car next to me houses a cute guy. His bumper stickers? Obama '08. Although I am not a huge fan of bumper sticker display, I smile at cute guy because, well he's cute and obviously a dem. Cute liberal bumper sticker guy smiles back. Then, I remember I have two car seats (belonging to kids that I want to scream, "Are not mine!") in my back seat and wish that they weren't there.
Scenario 4: Some car in front of me has a "Keep Portland Weird" sticker upside down on their car. I roll my eyes and chuckle because I know how much Maddie and Jena would hate this vehicle.


Claire said...

ahahahahahaa you are easily influenced. some would say "no wonder you're a liberal, youre just repeating the liberal media bias" and of course. we hate those kind of people. duh. the one i saw today, that made me think of you read "Have you voted?". and of course the blue and yellow equality sticker always makes me smile with its balance of feed good colors and subtlety! yay portland!

AB said...

I'd like to believe that being honest about my liberalness makes me more than a conveyer belt liberal. And furthermore, I hope that I rarely act on the bumper sticker influence and never act on it in a crazy way. And as much as I try to hide and not discuss my political views with many, sometimes they get the best of me- I guess that's just me following the rules of a passionate person. Yay for free thought!

Lauren said...

ok so yesterday I kept seeing "Catholic Radio 1260am" Bumper stickers EVERYWHERE. And i kept thinking: wow... even if you are a solid catholic, A) listening to catholic radio in your car all the time is probably a guilty pleasure like me and country music and not something you tell most ppl so therefore B) they have gotta be SO HARDCORE... cuz that is quite the statement. It had me perplexed.