Thursday, May 8, 2008

The "Move On" Train Already Choo Chooed away

So get over IT.
What is this IT I'm referring to? The Miley Cyrus photo scandal, which by the way I do not think is a scandal. Let's look at the scenario:
Annie Leibovitz asks you to do a photo shoot: OKAY. Would you ever turn her down? NO. She took a photograph or as some refer to it, art. This photo exposed, gasp, Cyrus's BARE BACK! OMG. Because a bare back has NEVER been exposed in a bathing suit or an Oscar dress.
And, wait for it, Miley Cyrus is on the Disney Channel and Disney stars never do anything provocative. I mean Britney, Lindsay, Vanessa Hudgens (and the list goes on) they all worked for another mouse, right?
While I am all about keeping kids safe and being modest, etc., this picture's harm has yet to find me. If parents are so worried about their kids seeing it maybe they shouldn't be showing their kids Vanity Fair or allowing them free will on the internet to find it.
I'm the first to admit that beyond the sentimental duet Cyrus and her dad have on the country channel I am so over her. Thank you Hannah Montana, you are free to exit stage right ASAP and your ridiculous one line lyrics and repetitive fake rave beat need to go. But, we all have our guilty pleasures at 12 or even 22 (I still like N*SYNC, so what?) Despite my eye rolls every time I see her face or hear her voice, leave the kid alone. Having to walk on egg shells 24/7 to prove to the media and millions of soccer moms that she is not a slut, nor will she turn your children into strippers is not her job or necessary.
To all those radio shows, magazines, blogs and stars who are still bitching about the corruption, MOVE ON. Thank you Marie Osmond for your insightful look at how Billy Ray is to blame, but we don't need your mormonism corrupting us just as much as you don't think Cyrus needs to corrupt eight year olds. Give it a rest.
Yes, I realize this post continues to perpetuate the talk on this issue, but I hope you find this refreshing compared to the horse beating that ensued for far too long.

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