Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Things I hated as a kid

It amazes me that the older I get the younger my palette gets.
Don't get me wrong, I still crave things like baked brie, crepes, sushi and a number of other things most kids- and my sister- refuse to look at.
However, I was always the kid who hated snacks like goldfish, pretzels and "Ants on a Log" aka gross raisins and PB on celery.
Well, apparently I'm six years old because I seriously- as of the past few months- love so many things I didn't.
Here they are...

1. Graham Crackers- yum! Esp. the cinnamon variety and are you aware of how few calories are in them?
2. Popcorn- once I got braces, I was so over popcorn. Not anymore.
3. Animal Crackers- what was I thinking all these years?
4. Honey Nut Cherrios- my dad always loved them and now I do too.
5. Goldfish- I love fishes cuz they're so delicious.
6. Hot dogs- Ben's Chili Bowl and Grey's papaya changed me forever.
7. Plain Ole' Yella' Mustard- This does not mean I am as crazy about it as Cassie is.
8. French Toast- I still like waffles better, but breakfast is breakfast!
9. Milk- Does a body gooood.
10. Peanut Butter- Seriously, did anyone ever think i would like this?!

Things I STILL and probably will never like- bleh...

1. Pretzels- the hard gross kind.
2. Slurpees- too sweet.
3. Kraft Mac and Cheese- let's be real.
4. Shriveled Grapes- I only like raisins in salad.
5. Oreos- the cookie, the filling, it's all so wrong.
6. Cheez Its- way different than goldfish.
7. Oatmeal- the texture makes me want to die.
8. Apple Juice- a staple kid drink.
9. Thin Mints- always a Girl Scout, never will be my cookie.
10. Corn- The day I like this is the day I become a republican.


Claire said...

you crack me UP girl

and dont forget watermelon! THAT is the texture that makes me want to die.

see you fri!


Lauren said...

hahaha. you are so funny. i might just steal this idea. :)

Lauren said...

done and done. I sent you an invitation. Sorry - it was necessary. I'll explain in my next blog post.

debbie brown said...

Hmmm, at what point is your mom allowed to say "I told you so" :) Yea, I know you'll NEVER like corn (although who would have thought we'd ever have two Bushes in the White House-so I guess anything is possible). I keep telling you, try the graham crackers with the sugar free-fat free lemon pudding...just like lemon meringue pie!! You are my kid though when it comes to the mac and cheese-YUCK!!!!! Can't wait to see you in a few weeks (and any of my "adopted" daughters who are around)! Love, Mom