Wednesday, April 2, 2008

How You Like Them Apples?

Yesterday I subbed as a junior high Sign Language teacher- I know, I know, start laughing and saying, "Whaaaat?!"
Anyway, the teacher had this framed list of rules on her desk that were actual rules from teachers in the early 1900's. I literally laughed out loud- wait until you read. Oh, and for even more laughter, picture your favorite or least favorite teacher, or even me, if you wish, following these rules- ha. Actually, the funnier thing is that a few of these rules seem to unintentionally be part of my life. Hmmm... maybe I could have survived as an old school marme in a one room school house teaching arithmetic and reading the Bible for hours. On second thought, mybe not.

Number 4 is my personal fav.

1. You will not marry during the term of your contract.
2. You are not to keep company with men.
3. You must be home between the hours of 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. unless attending a school function.
4. You may not loiter downtown in ice cream stores.
5. You may not travel beyond the city limits, unless you have permission from the chairman of the board.
6. You may not ride in a carriage or automobile with any man, unless he is your father or brother.
7. You may not smoke cigarettes.
8. You may not dress in bright colors.
9. You may under no circumstances dye your hair.
10. You must wear at least two petticoats.
11. Your dresses must not be any shorter than two inches above the ankles.
12. To keep the schoolroom neat and clean, you must: sweep the floor once daily; scrub the floor at least
once a week with hot soapy water; clean the blackboards at least once a day; and start the fire at 7 a.m.
so the room will be warm by 8 a.m.

*Tune in later for Thought for Food Vol. 2

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debbie brown said...

Well, if those rules were still a part if education, I can see that you'd be the one to stand up for yourself and REBEL bigtime!!!! It would be funny to see how different things are for teachers in another 100 years.