Thursday, April 24, 2008

Injecting Stupidity

A recent article in Newsweek confirmed that Botox may be bad for you- shock.
Besides making you look like Charro or the skanky girls from Rock of Love 2- they were way skankier than Rock of Love 1- Botox contains neurotoxins.
I'm sure based on the prefix you can deduce that neurotoxis are toxins that enter the brain. The study shows that injecting Botox can have lasting effects on the mind- including speech and memory.
Basically, every time you've wondered why it seems like airheads are the only ones getting Botox, you may have to realize that stupidy comes with the injection.


Anonymous said...

LOL!!! That is so interesting!! Long live the teachers.

Lauren said...

age gracefully ppl. GRACEFULLY.

debbie brown said...

Maybe botox affects eyesite as well. Because why in the hell would people like Michael Jackson, Priscilla Presley and Lisa Rhenna keep doing what they're doing to themselves if that weren't the case. Obviously these people have done other things to themselves besides botox, but you get the picture...and a frightening one it is!!

Considering botox is related to the botchulism toxin (of which a thimblefull would kill every person on this planet) I can't believe people think this is okay. I don't want anything even remotely close to my peasized brain that might kill off whatever cells I have left :)

Claire said...

Hahahahaha DUH. Totally awesome little tidbit. it explains a lot. :)

ps: your comment about the cute trainer was PRICELESS and it took me a second to realize that actually came out of YOUR mouth! hahahaha. But yeah, he is TAKING NURSING CLASSES!!! He came into the office last week (looking all collegiate and gorgeous) looking for the nutrition adjunct teacher. So yeah, I think he may be transfering in! AAhahahahaha