Wednesday, April 9, 2008

For Your Information

Over the past almsot 15 months, I've learned a lot about exercise, eating healthy and losing weight.
With only 35 lbs. left to lose- woo hoo!- I think I've become semi knowledgable in what works and what doesn't.
One thing I've always struggled with is accurate calculations for ideal weight for height, burning calories and needed caloric intake.
I would't say that I'm a math person, but I always have a desperate need for facts and accuracy for proof.
FINALLY I feel that I've received real research and calculations.
Scouring the internet for truth and usefulness can often be as fruitless as scouring the sea for mermaids. However, thanks to The Biggest Loser website, I think I have a wealth of helpful information. I thought I'd pass it onto you in case you wanted it and were always hitting the same cyberwalls that I was.
Enjoy the links and info that I translated from the website.

3,500 calories=loss of 1 fat lb.
The average person burns a total of 1,800 just by being a human and moving from day to day!
Combine that with your exercise and subtract it from your food intake to discover what you burn per day.
Example: Tookie Clothespin burns 1,800 c. a day by being a person (1,450) and working as a telephone operator (350). She also burns 300 c. by going to the gym. (2,100). She eats 1,600 c. a day, which means she's burning 500 c. Multiply that times 7 days a week and that's a total of 3.500 c., or 1 lb. Tookie loses 1 lb. a week- burn, baby, burn!

Check these links to calculate your BMI (level of weight) and your BMI: and your BMR:
(That's how many c.'s you burn just by being you. Like, Tookie's is 1,450 plus the 350 for her daily activity.)
This link is pretty much the info I gave you, but it's here for legitimacy and as an additonal resource:

Anyway, just thought that if anyone is losing weight on their own- without the guidance of WW, a doctor, or an online program, this info might be helpful.

Happy Losing!


Claire said...

freaking awesome links! thanks! and i tot voted on your moms blog! Mckenzie is so awesome!

Lauren said...

i am SO SO proud of you. :)