Monday, November 17, 2008

Jason is back!

That's right ladies and gentlemen, or probably just ladies.
Jason- or "daddy" as we affectionately called him from day one- is officially the new "Bachelor".
Let's all remember why we love him:
-He was way cuter than Jesse.
-Deanna didn't pick him, which made him the underdog, which makes us love him.
-He looked cute in a baseball hat.
-He lives in Seattle.
-His kid is way cuter than Deanna could have ever hoped to have with Jesse- awww, too bad they broke up. (Maddie so called that.)
-He totally became friends with Deanna first, which earned our trust- apparently not hers.
-Remember how sweet his family was? And how they all cried when he had to leave his son?
-His cheesy one liners and romantic idealism made us cringe, smile and squeal, all at the same time.
-There was something about him that caused us to say, "Deanna won't pick him, whore!" and "I hope they pick him for The Back next season!"
-Elle loved him on her show- instant winner, duh.
Well ladies, on January 5th, he's back and he doesn't have to wait for Deanna to choose the wrong guy. As Deb says, "let's hope he doesn't play any games."

I saw the first preview tonight, but can;t find it online. Anyway, click here to see more info and click here for the maybe sad, maybe entertaining video of Jesse telling us all about his broken heart.

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