Monday, November 24, 2008

Christmas Came Early

How is it that Christmas arrived even early on Santa's sleigh this year?
People say that all the time, but never do i remember wanting fantastic, thick earplugs the week before Thanksgiving, just to drown out the incessant Christmas music everywhere I go.
I know a couple of you- eh hem- would listen to Christmas music weeks before Thanksgiving if I didn't constantly remind you how silly it is.
So for you, let this post be a countdown until Friday, the day you're allowed to listen to Christmas music and for the rest of you, who may be semi Grinchy when it comes to the crap they play all the time, let me remind you that you can engage in a Christmas drinking game: take a shot every time you hear a Christmas song you hate.
Here are my top five:

5. "Santa Baby"- Halloween is National Sluts Holiday- leave Christmas alone
4. "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer"- What jerk didn't walk their grandma home that night? And maybe if it didn't sound like a crappy country song, I could take it.
3. O, Christmas Tree"- only because no one ever knows the words, which is half the fun of singing!
2. "Batman Jingle Bells"- kid who created that when you should have been paying attention in school, originally you mocked an annoying Christmas song, but then your mocking became annoying.

Drum roll... (pardon the pun; it was intentional)

1. Little Drummer Boy- the movie sucks, the lyrics are annoying, everyone plays it like the world will explode if it's not played every three seconds and the "puh rump pumps" are like banging your head against a wall!

Maybe if we had Thanksgiving songs, Christmas ones would be less annoying. "O Pumpkin Pie" lyrics, anyone?

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