Saturday, January 12, 2008

Letter to a pessimist

You don't need to have all the answers. Remember the word mystery? Start liking it. It does nothing to worry about everything- literally everything. 
Here's what you can control...
Finances, weight, building strong relationships, developing faith, career, hobbies and your own happiness. (Do you see how many things that is???)
Here's what you cannot control...
The future, the state of the world, weather, actions of others, DEATH, the afterlife, the what ifs of everything or nothing that may or not occur when this- the here and now- is over. (I know those are some big things you have no power over). Deal with it. There is no amount of worrying that can answer these questions. Therefore, do you really think you get any amount of happiness by dwelling on it? Yes, I said dwelling. 
Would you like to see what your constant freaking out is doing?....
-Keeping you from controlling all the wonderful things you can control!
Pessimism never got anyone all the things they need. Granted, optimism what dispel al of your fears- and not just because you have too many of them, but maybe a little bit of it will bring you some clarity. 
After all, not only is your glass empty, it's shattered into a million bits all over your life and it's cutting apart everything you have going for you. 
I know your excuses, your reasons for obsessing over these things you can't control, but be realistic, (as I know you usually are when you're not worrying.) If the unknowns of life and after it were so bad don't you think you would have so sort of inclination about the black hole you keep envisioning?


Lauren said...

is this one of those "writing a letter to yourself" things? Please don't think I'm coming off as bitchy or snide. Cuz if it is, it's very brave and probably super cleansing. And if its not, well then.... i agree with everything you're saying and I think it's easier for people (including ourselves) to accept advice when it's been distance a little bit. :)

debbie brown said...

I had to chuckle a little when I read this...and you know why :)
Love, Mom