Monday, January 28, 2008

Clay is no Justin

Clay Aiken said today that he is no Justin Timberlake.,,20174394,00.html
To help Clay make his point, below are 10 reasons Clay could never be Justin.
Since Claire and I just talked about how much we love JT, I thought this would be a perfect time to do a little comparison.
10. Justin did not need American Idol to make him famous.
9. We can all remember at least one of JT's album titles.
8. Barbara Walters finds him fascinating.
7. Girls from 1996 to now find him sexy.
6. His hair. I suppose there was the awful bleached period, but I'll over look that.
5. Justin got us through the torturous days of jr. high, multitudes of hs dances and those college parties that left a lot to be desired.
4. Clay couldn't get Britney- in her good days or her less than glamorous days.
3. We still sing N*Sync songs AND know all the lyrics.
2. His concerts are so good that we can't even afford tickets.
and the number one reason Clay is not Justin...
1. If Clay brought sexy back we'd have to call for back up

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Claire said...


I love it!

so true!

and i feel honored to be a part of this very needed clarification!