Monday, December 17, 2007

The Nanny Diaries: Book Review 2

I'm suddenly aware that most of my blog will probably end up being a series of book reviews. Deal. 

The Nanny Diaries
I broke my own rule and saw the movie before I read the book, but for two very good reasons.
1. Maddie and Jena wanted to see it when it came out and then I bought it for Jena's b-day and we watched it again.
2. When I first bought the book I had just started nannying and I truly wasn't mentally able to enjoy/appreciate/accept the book or my job for that matter.

A few months later, here we are and I've finally read the book.

Since I usually read a book before seeing the movie, 99% of the time I love the book more- especially Grapes of Wrath- worst movie EVER! Bleh.

This still holds true with The Nanny Diaries, but I do enjoy the movie- the guy in it is reason enough to see the movie- hell yes. The brilliance of the movie writers was to change many small features of the book. The story line, characters, etc. are still essentially the same, but there are some minor differences that give it its own zeal.

Anyhow, being extremely in love with the British, I naturally enjoyed the humor and style of this book. It takes place in New York and I'm not sure if the authors are from NY or England, but they write with the same zip of contemporary British authors- hooray!

One of my biggest issues with "my nose is in the air, I only drink lattes and read REAL aka old literature" snobs is that they believe books have to be OLD and DIFFICULT to be IMPORTANT. WRONG!
 The Nanny Diaries is the perfect example of why modern literature MATTERS. I'm sure it won't be read in a Harvard English class in 100 years, but c'mon people- appreciate GOOD writing. The vocabulary and wit in the novel is enough to leave you feeling slightly smarter than you did before you picked it up without feeling like you need Mr. Webster at your bedside table to answer a question every five seconds. 

The story line is simple- college student needs money- nannys for Park Avenue family, they are totally crazy, she meets cute guy, finds herself. 

But, I say there is nothing wrong with an entertaining read with enough charm to fill The Upper East Side.

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Claire said...

I LOVE your review. YOUR wit continues to amaze me!