Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Beginning

Whether they are Uggs, The Beatles, Harry Potter, facebook, Sex and the City, or catch phrases, I always seem to wait to think they're trendy. 
Maybe it's my way of checking out its legitimacy before I dive head first- heaven forbid I be spontaneous at any time in my life.
Regardless, I have waited once again. This time, in regards to blogging.
But, after some thought- probably more thought than any one person ever put into thinking about creating a blog- I created one. 
With countless Word documents scattered on my computer filled with wishes, rants, ideas and useless written monologues and after viewing Claire's and Lauren's blogs many times, I realized I needed to make my own.
As a kid, I was AWFUL at writing in a journal or diary, so no one can tell how often I actually will write on this thing, but I suppose the topics I hope to write about are much more than the trivial conversations I had with my old diaries about playground drama and 5th grade crushes.
Nonetheless, that is all it may turn out to be- with a little less playground and boy talk, but as unamusing as those five diary entries a year would be to any onlooker, these entries might warrant a yawn, nap or "Esc" button.
But, this is not for you, or even for me really, as with most things nowadays, this is purely unadulterated nothingness.


Claire said...

OMIGOSH OMIGOSH OMIGOSH YES YES YES!! WOOHOOOO. And you should create a link section, with MY BLOG! just an idea! hahahaha love you. and have fun with the new blog!

debbie brown said...

WOOO...HOOOO!!! My kid is finally getting into the world of blogging.
AND, the two of you NEED to link my page! Oh, Al, let me fix that photo of you and dad and me...it's way to dark :)
Love ya!! You too Claire!!!!

Claire said...

ps: I love your layout! It's very YOU.

Lauren said...

YAY awesome! I GOT A SHOUT OUT. woo woo woo woo woo woo.... ps. you've probably ALREADY had more hits than me. congrats. :)