Wednesday, December 5, 2007

10 million...

Yes, there are 10 million e-mails missing from White House files- more than originally thought.
Even better, the e-mails missing date from March of 2003- October 2005. 
In case you need a visual of what occurred during that time period, that's from the start of the Iraq war through the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.
Think of this what you will, I just found it an interesting tid bit of information. In truth, it's not a huge deal of the average person deletes an e-mail- we do it all the time. (Where do you think they all go, by the way?) But, it is slightly alarming that 10 MILLION e-mails are missing from the most powerful and yes, I'll say it, manipulative office in the country- maybe the world. 
To put this in perspective, 10 million would be practically every single person in Oregon and Washington state.
Of course, there is little to no information on what will be done about retrieving the missing files or punishment for the brilliant people who deleted them. But, I would like to thank CNN for putting the information out there and allowing everyone to think about how their government operates behind closed door.
Oh, and did I mention  it's completely illegal for the White House to delete e-mails?
Hmm... I wonder if that includes e-mails Bush sends to his speech writers begging for better entomology on all the "big" words.

Also, check out today- and always- link is on my side bar. I think today's comic sums up my inability to make a decision effectively. And it's a pancake, mom- that's sure to give you a good laugh.


Claire said...

Wow! 10 million is a shame to begin with, not to mention the illegal-ness of it all. OH Bush. silly silly man/administration :)

debbie brown said...

This is totally incomprehensible...well, given the source maybe not so difficult to comprehend.
More importantly-I got THIRD billing AND the link doesn't work because the website is incorrect! LOL